Thinking out loud, sort of.

Its been a few weeks now that I haven’t been at work as a result of the broken hoof and then the blood clots. And maybe it’s a lack of physical activity that’s getting to me- I use a bicycle everyday to get to work. But all I seem to have going through my mind lately is grumpy, frustrating thoughts about what I see around me. Negative thoughts would be a bit harsh, and wouldn’t want to make those that may care about me worry that maybe I’m heading to a dark place. But the affects of your life style changing quite drastically and rapidly, definitely has a bad impact on a person. I am glad I seem to understand what’s happening in my mind, well at least I think I do, but that makes me think about others who might not realize what is going on and become negatively affected by it.

Not to make light of my last statement, but moving on to why I’m writing today, is that I just want to kind of vent what’s on my mind.

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Music: Where has good new music gone. Just about any radio station I listen to seems to have just bland, uninteresting music. And any song that comes on that I enjoy literally seems to be songs from more than five years ago, and older. Way way older. Its quite sad to see the chart toppers of today on popular radio stations just have repetitive beats, mind numbing sounds and lyrics. Holy cow the lyrics! Judging by the stuff that’s out there, it would appear I could write a chart topping song…. maybe I should look into that.

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Manners: It blows my mind today how many adults of the generation below me have really bad manners. I can walk into work and people just blatantly ignore my morning greetings. What’s up with that? And why do women look at me strangely just because I let them go through a door first, or get on the bus first. I get that women are independent now, and want equality etc, but does that mean I must repress something I believe in? I was taught it, but I believe in it. Woman are special and should have courteous behavior displayed toward them. In my mind it has nothing to do with equality in the sense that it is often desired. For me it’s just a sign of respect. I respect the fact that you are a woman and deserve to possibly get the last available seat on the bus, and if that’s the case, I’ll gladly stand so you can sit. What about talking with people older than you. Not calling them ‘Mate’ or ‘Buddy’. And standing when talking to an elder or a superior at work. Old school baby! Go old school. It all seems to be falling by the wayside.

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Being offended: This is a WTF thing for me. People getting offended because you are having a conversation about something and you express your thoughts, and it becomes offensive. Is that not the point of conversing? To express thoughts and feelings and ideas? Not aiming them directly at the participants. Or people chatting amongst colleagues and someone gets upset by friendly banter. It offends me that you become offended. What a load of poo. People are looking for any excuse these days to make a scene about nothing and everything. Young people today can’t even laugh at themselves. No wonder bullying is at an all time high, because kids are being so molly coddled at home that when people at school tease or laugh at them they don’t know what to do. Get a little tough on the kids at home and they will handle themselves at school. Laugh at your kid when they fall over, or do something silly. Let them feel silly and that its ok. Expose them to what’s out there. We all know its there, so why hide it? Stop cradling them and making a big fuss about nothing. And discipline them! Toughen up parents! And stop all this giving prizes for participating. When we were young we got a certificate or a trophy if you did well at showing up, not just for showing up. Instead of then creating a desire to work hard to achieve something, it leads to feelings of entitlement, which leads to people getting offended.

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The phrase ‘OH MY GOD’: This gets under my skin. Not solely because I have a christian based faith, but what does it really mean? I understand its an expression, but surely there are better words to use. Sentences that allow you to seem more intelligent than a stupid movie or sitcom one liner. And not just this, but blasphemy in general. Why call out ‘Jesus Christ’ when something goes wrong. What’s most interesting is people calling out on God and Jesus most often, don’t even believe in them. It gets me to thinking, why don’t we blaspheme with satan’s name? Nobody ever cries out: Oh my satan! Why is that? If God and Jesus are supposed to be associated with good things, why when bad stuff happens or things go wrong don’t we call out at satan? That’s the bad guy. I just don’t get it. And ………… it offends me.

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Wow talking about things is actually making me feel better. Seems like getting shit off your chest really does help to cheer you up. Hopefully anybody who reads this won’t be offended though. See the disclaimer on my home page if you do take offense. And do us all a favour, take a cement pill and harden up. Shit I hate that saying too! Oh well.

I suppose a good thing that happened recently is that my cast has been taken off, and I’m now wobbling around in a moon boot. Doctor has asked me to start putting weight on the foot and trying to walk a bit. But it isn’t easy. I’ll be writing about that side of things soon.

So on that happy note, I wish you all well and look out for my next blog. And remember not to take everything so seriously, its not all about you. Lots of love.

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