Ramblings part 2

Like much of the world, New Zealand has become quiet again. We just recently went into another level 4 lockdown, which for those living here, means only essential services can operate. Everybody else stays home. You can work from home if able, but no social events or gatherings and school. So for me as a motorcycle mechanic, I become the stay at home dad for my five year old.

Now level four lockdown may be different in other countries, but at least we can get outside to go for a walk or run or cycle. Using caution obviously if you happen upon a friend and want to stop for a chat. But basically you want to avoid human contacts until the curve has started a good downward trend and the level of lockdown changes. Many people around the world are calling BS on the corona virus issue. And if you feel the same, then that’s your opinion. In my opinion, there is something going on, and something is making people sick and taking up hospital beds around the world, so it cant be false. What I find rather frustrating is all the finger pointing and blaming of countries, false information and general confusion being brought about, making it hard to believe anything or anyone. I just go with my gut, and try to do the right thing. But then again, who am I to judge what is the right thing?

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I have recently learned about making reels on Instagram. Its basically a video with either your own sound over or you can use sound or music available in the app to make a funny video or promote your business or anything you really want to. Its really incredible how creative people are. I do feel almost out of place being 41 and making silly videos, but at the same time, it gives me a feeling of being creative and having fun. And I think that is more important than giving a crap if people like it or not. It is always a good feeling when you get a bunch of likes and views but what makes it scary is the amount of haters out there. People have become so judgmental and at the risk of being burned, people shy away from having a bit of fun. I say screw it! If you want to have a go, do it. Do try to be sharp though. For example, if you use a voice over, make sure you get your syncing right. You don’t want to be like an 80’s martial arts movie, where the lips and sound are out of timing. And make sure you preview the clip before posting it. Also don’t put your written text over the main parts of the video obstructing the view. And when the basics are nailed, go wild. It really is fun.

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I have a problem. I think to much. I always have. I worry a lot. I create scenarios that may never happen and I become terribly anxious. If something has happened through the course of my day and its bothering me, I find myself playing out possible outcomes in my mind. And I can get seriously carried away. Right to the point where I cant sleep and my hart is racing. My mind really can run away from me. It really sucks. But the good news is that I have come across a supplement that is good for anxiety and restlessness. I will write more about the product when I have finished testing it. Hopefully I wont have mutated and grown a scrotum on my chin or some shit like that. And then the other side of my thinking comes into play at other times.

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A lot of it, I like to label as dreaming, dreaming about things I want to do and try. Things I might have missed out on but only seem to be realizing it now. Hopes of what can still be achieved. But with that comes fears. Fear of not achieving certain things. Fear of missing out because of responsibilities, missing out because of fear itself. And it leads to me becoming critical. Critical of myself and how I have gone about my life. I become critical of certain things and people in my life. And that then causes frustration and questioning of myself as a person. Can anybody relate? I find myself just getting into a bad mood because suddenly my life is a mess. And I’m a failure. Then I start to hate on people and situations, which just makes a vicious circle that I have to snap myself out of. Luckily when I eventually snap out of that spiral, I then realise how lucky I have been. We all go through shitty times, and to be honest some people, good undeserving people, get more shit than what I would say is socially acceptable.

And they carry on. Beaten and battered, dusting themselves off and marching on. A large percentage of people say “That’s what you have to do” or “The world doesn’t stop just because of…” . One that I really don’t like is when somebody says ” There are people with bigger problems in the world”. Yes I get that. I really do. But it doesn’t take away from the fact that something is affecting somebody. It may not be as bad as something else, but it is still affecting that somebody. The fact that Joe Soap lost his arm doesn’t mean that Jane Doe mustn’t feel sad because she cant walk for 6 months. The more I’m trying to get my point across, the more I feel like I’m failing, so I’m just going to leave this here, at this point.

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Now that I feel like I have failed at getting a point across, my day is doomed. Not really, but I do feel like I have failed academically, right as I am about to start an online schooling session with my boy. I feel for the teachers. I’m not sure of the process but it seems like a whole lot of work they do to carry out online schooling. So thanks folks. You are doing a good job in my eyes.

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I would like to reach out again to anybody who reads this or who has started following my blog, and by the way, thanks for the likes and follows. I would like some suggestions for things to write about. Now be warned, as it states in my home page, this will result in uneducated banter and ramblings. But it may be fun to read somebody else’s thoughts on topics that you out there think about. So if something has happened to you or there is something that’s on your mind, please get in touch and give me some ideas so I can continue my ramblings. You can even list things that you want my opinion on, but lets keep it light, unless it really is something others may benefit from. Maybe there is something I have experienced and I can write about, and give my thoughts on both sides of the topic.


Why do men take an extra pair of socks when they golfing?? In case they get a hole in one.

My wife said I should do lunges to stay in shape. That would be a big step forward.

Singing in the shower is fun until you get soap in your mouth. Then its a soap opera.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

As always folks, be kind to one another. Its a crazy time we live in. Maybe just think twice before giving your opinion. Remember we are all going through something that nobody knows about. And our two cents worth could just be the final straw for somebody else. I look forward to your topics and suggestions to write about. Much love.

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  1. Enjoyable read as always! Stop stressing LOL! Relax and enjoy the ride … and level 4 lockdown haha. I’m guessing CORTITROL!!!!!! JEALOUSSSSSSSSSSSSSS – it is the BEST BEST EVER!


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