Ramblings part 3

I’m welcoming myself back! Hello again friends, its been to long since I have got some writing down. I blame it on the levels of lock down preventing us from doing anything. Here in Auckland, New Zealand we are still rocking a level 3 lock down but with some privileges. Some of those eased restrictionsContinue reading “Ramblings part 3”


Most of my working life has been spent working on motorcycles in some way or another. The most attractive side of this industry, for me, has been the racing side. I took part in the sport for a few years and did fairly well in it considering the little my father and I knew atContinue reading “MY BIGGEST PASSION”

Ramblings part 2

Like much of the world, New Zealand has become quiet again. We just recently went into another level 4 lockdown, which for those living here, means only essential services can operate. Everybody else stays home. You can work from home if able, but no social events or gatherings and school. So for me as aContinue reading “Ramblings part 2”


I have been on a fairly progressive road to recovery the past few weeks. I have been able to do loads of work again, but the old foot is still very sore and swells up easily. Walking is getting easier and I don’t need the crutches anymore, except when I first get up out ofContinue reading “Ramblings”

Creating a side hustle

With all the time I have had on my hands recently, I made an effort to not just sit on the couch and Netflix all day. My everyday job is busy and I’m always on my feet and moving. So I didn’t want to fall into a nasty habit that I would have to getContinue reading “Creating a side hustle”

My Broken Foot

On the first of May 2021, I broke my foot while skateboarding with my son. It seems straight forward when you think about it. In my mind was a picture of a few weeks in a cast, difficulty showering, difficulty working and getting around and then it will be back to normal. But my experienceContinue reading “My Broken Foot”

Achieving Dreams and Goals

Many people say you should never give up on your dreams. If you work hard you can achieve anything. And I have seen it happen with some people but not everyone. And even in myself. But doesn’t achieving your dreams come with a certain amount of luck as well? Obviously I can only really commentContinue reading “Achieving Dreams and Goals”