Ramblings part 3

I’m welcoming myself back! Hello again friends, its been to long since I have got some writing down. I blame it on the levels of lock down preventing us from doing anything. Here in Auckland, New Zealand we are still rocking a level 3 lock down but with some privileges. Some of those eased restrictionsContinue reading “Ramblings part 3”


I have been on a fairly progressive road to recovery the past few weeks. I have been able to do loads of work again, but the old foot is still very sore and swells up easily. Walking is getting easier and I don’t need the crutches anymore, except when I first get up out ofContinue reading “Ramblings”

Creating a side hustle

With all the time I have had on my hands recently, I made an effort to not just sit on the couch and Netflix all day. My everyday job is busy and I’m always on my feet and moving. So I didn’t want to fall into a nasty habit that I would have to getContinue reading “Creating a side hustle”