Creating a side hustle

With all the time I have had on my hands recently, I made an effort to not just sit on the couch and Netflix all day. My everyday job is busy and I’m always on my feet and moving. So I didn’t want to fall into a nasty habit that I would have to get out of when I return to my regular job. The information below is a “long story cut short”.

I have come across many social media posts about people creating what they call a side hustle, and for premillennial people, that means a second job or income. I’m sure many people have heard of shopify and amazon, and the term DROP SHIPPING. And often on social media you may come across a sponsored advert from somebody telling you how they quite their day job and made loads of money with an online store. So I checked it out. I followed the links and watched some videos, and also started a free trial period in which I spent most of the time learning how to organize the online shop and editing the various pages as well as adding certain pages so that I wont get myself into legal trouble.

While most of it is easy, there are some areas which I found to be quite tricky, and could actually get you into trouble down the line. So I decided to not follow through with the process of creating my own online store. But something was bothering me about it because I really do think it can work really well. And to earn money where ever you are in the world using only your lap top or cell phone, selling products to people all over the world, really appeals to me on an unexplainable level. But I am someone who likes to understand what it is that I am creating or doing, I cant just leap in without knowing the possible ramifications of it, and I just was not grasping the set up of the store and various requirements. But I still like the idea of earning a passive income that could become a full time job as it grows. So I looked into something that my wife had previously done using network marketing, but with the e-commerce side of things really taking off, I was happy to see that they had an affiliate side to the business with an online store set up ready to go, and it only required basic store design.

One of the suggested requirements of having an online store is to select a ‘NICHE‘ market. So with the business my wife had used in the past, this would become our niche – skin care, anti aging and wellness products. And having used many of the products ourselves, it would be easy to talk about them and our experiences with them. But people may just want to use the products they see, and that’s also ok because you can buy them, without having to sign up for anything. But as a side hustle, you have to sign up.

This company has a range of products available.

Skin care



Advanced and award winning tools/products

For him, her and kids

Now don’t get me wrong, this is a bit of a punt blog for us, but I also want people out there, who may have an interest in creating a passive income, to get an opportunity to see it and even try it without having to pay anything really. Obviously you want to use and experience the products, but its all about what you can afford at the time. That’s how we did it in the beginning and still do it. And you don’t have to pay anything to get it up and running. But like any business, what you put in is what you will get out.

While some people may have huge networks, and even be great at marketing and sales, this is perfect for them, but its not for me. So I’m learning as I go. And while I don’t enjoy network marketing, I like the idea of having the online store and doing the social media side of it, well trying to do it. I suppose in a way its still networking. The youth of today understand media way better than me, and social media creates the perfect place for posting and even doing adverts. So online stores are perfect for those who have this knowledge, not that it cant be learned. And its always good to learn new things.

So in another step of growing and learning, I’m putting a link in this blog, so people can see our online store and then click the menus to see the huge range of products offered. And all this is basically set up by the company providing the products. If anybody should have an interest or want more information you can get in touch. And like the drop shipping businesses on offer out there, there in no start up costs, unless you want to try the products. And as with anything new, do some research.

This product, Lumispa, is an award winning product.

It has a charging base, so no battery changes are needed. The head is replaceable and has different colours with different functions.

Pre programmed times to let you know when to reposition it on your face, eg under eyes or on your forehead.

The lotions are available for different skin types.

It can even be used to remove make up. <—— The link to our store.

Do some GOOGLE research about the products and even the celebrities who use them. They really are top level products.

If you like the products, you can join as a member to get up to 30% off the price. Click this link to sign up.

If you want to dive straight in, you can be an affiliate to make money on the side and start your own business. Click this link to become an affiliate. And feel free to get in touch with us.

Take care people and be kind. Much love.

Published by Paul Geppert

I have a wide range of interests, ranging from the kitchen to the garage, from race tracks to the ocean. I enjoy new adventures and challenges. I grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa with my mother and father and older sister. I now live in Auckland New Zealand with my wife and son.

2 thoughts on “Creating a side hustle

  1. Howdy hoo Sunshine Sammy and Pauli G. What a lovely article! Side hustles are the way of the present and future for sure. Covid has taught the world that you cannot ever count on anything – and hence time to spread your risk! PS the Lumispa is a fantabulous antiaging device … 7 skin benefits in 2 minutes … it simply IS THE BEST!

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